BBC North West Showcases Alleged Biggest Transformers Collection

A new clip from UK-based broadcaster BBC North West over on their social media channels has brought to light what is claimed to be the Guinness World Record beating Transformers collection – currently recorded at 1000 figures, though the record entry is hard to find on the site itself.

The collection in the video, belonging to Mancunian Louis Georgiou, is claimed to be around 1900-2000 items strong, but also appears to include non-official products from third party companies and knock-offs (I see you, offcolour RID Wheeljack), alongside many new and older Hasbro and Takara Tomy figures (including a Sixshot and Victory Leo!). Nonetheless, the clip is warming in that it shows another perspective to mainstream media audiences about the hobby as sometimes does not happen, mentions that the collection started by buying toys for his son first of all, and is shown to the office co-workers regularly, as they all wait in that space. Check it out below, and join our discussion on what makes a full collection, what makes Your collection, how many is too many or how many is the most – all in the Energon Pub boards!

Credit(s): BBC North West

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